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We have been buying and selling a wide variety of CD and DVD manufacturing equipment for the past 20 years. Our extensive network of contacts allows us to find the best used packaging and duplication equipment available. If you're looking for anything from desktop sleevers, tabbers, labelers or duplicators to high-end shrinkwrappers, overwrappers or CD/DVD assembly and packaging machines, we either have it or we can find it for you.  Additionally, we're also willing to list anything on our site that you have and are no longer using. Why have unused equipment taking up space and collecting dust when you can possibly turn it into cash or some piece of equipment that you really need?

We now, also offer equipment leasing. Please click on the calculator and application links below, to start the leasing process.

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Rimage Prism Printer  

We have acquired  several Rimage Prism Printers in various conditions, from parts only to excellent. We have both Standalone PR-11's as well as PR-13's, which can be used as a Standalone Printer or installed into a Rimage AutoPrinter, AutoStar or Producer. They range in price from $300 for units that would be used for spare parts up to $1,900 for units that would come with a Return-to-Depot, 6 month warranty.  All units come with power cord, USB cable and black ribbon. Print samples from any of the units are available upon request. 

Rimage Prism AutoPrinter   

We have recently acquired 2 Rimage Prism Plus Autoprinters.  These units are also in excellent condition and come with a 6 month return-to-depot warranty.

Rimage AutoEverest III  

We just acquired a Rimage AutoEverest III, auto printer.  The unit is in excellent condition and being sold with a 6 month return-to-depot warranty.

Rimage Producer 7100N   

We recently acquired a demo, like-new Rimage 7100N Producer with an Everest 600 printer, 2 DVDR drives and 8.3 software.  This unit comes with a 1 year onsite repair warranty (California customers only) or a 1 year return-to-depot warranty 

Rimage Producer 8100  

We recently acquired a large number of Rimage 8100 Producers, each system having 4 Plextor CD/DVD Writers and a PrismPlus Thermal Printer. The PC Control Center is a Duo Core Xeon Server with 2 GB of memory, (3) 250 GB Hard Drives and (1) 80 GB Hard Drive. The Rimage 7.5.30 software is pre-loaded onto the system and is ready to go. These Rimage publishing systems are in excellent, like-new condition and have never been used in production.

Refurbished MEP120 CD Sleever  

We recently acquired 2 well-maintained, used MEP120 CD Sleevers and have priced them very aggressively. These units had been sent back to the manufacturer to be cleaned, adjusted and returned to OEM specifications. The MEP120 will insert 3,000 CD/DVD per hour into a variety of sleeves. It is also very easy to use and maintain. 

Rena L-326 Heavy-Duty Labeler/Tabber  

All-in-one design provides the easiest, most efficient way to label and tab.  Handles product up to 5/16" thick.  Easy to use control panel, with on-screen display.  Unit is clean and in operating condition.  

EAM SSI-20V Slip Sheet Inserter  

We have recently acquired a number of Refurbished, EAM Slip Sheet Inserters, Model # SSI-20V. They are in excellent working condition and are capable of inserting up to 15 title sheets into Standard or Slim line Amaray cases per minute. The equipment requires 120V and 2CFM/85 PSI clean dry air.

CD / DVD Speed Wrap  

 The CD Speed Wrap and the DVD Speed Wrap are fully automatic tabletop units designed to overwrap CD or DVD cases at high speed with little user intervention. When your output needs the professional edge or simply requires those receiving discs to know they have not been tampered with, wrapping is the ultimate solution. The Speed Wrappers are an easy to use, cost effective option. They provide a neat, even case wrap with perfect seams time after time.

Product Brochure: CD


Bethel Plastics BP-48 Overwrap Machine 

This unit was designed and built specifically for the small to medium size duplicators, as well as the larger duplicator with limited floor space. The BP-48 may be configured to over wrap DVD, CD, Audio, or Video Cassettes, and other standard sized packaging. The recommended speed of the BP-48 is 48 rpm, offering duplicators an easy, reliable, low maintenance solution for over wrapping needs. The BP-48 also offers the available option of adding a conveyor belt and collection table for larger volume.

Kyoto DVD-100 Packaging Line  

We have access to two (2) Kyoto 100 DVD Packaging lines. Both are in very good working condition and both have been well maintained. Each machine can insert a title page, 2 inserts, a disc, followed by a coupon.  The assembled case could be continued into another wrapping machine or staging for carton packaging.    

Shanklin HS-4 Shrinkwrapper w/T72 Shrink Tunnel 

We currently have this high speed HS-4 w/T72 Shrink Tunnel available for purchase.  It is in outstanding condition with only 800 operating hours of use.  The HS-4 offers a multitude of features, including fully automatic product handling, speeds to 100 + packages per minute, and the ability to accommodate a wide range of product lengths and shapes. 

Sollas 17 Overwrapper  

The SOLLAS 17 is a versatile overwrapping machine that can be supplied with various feeding systems. The machine has proven itself at thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. The products can be wrapped either as single packs or in bundles. Due to its flexibility and easy operation, the Sollas 17 is a well-known machine in the industry. These Sollas 17 overwrappers were completely rebuilt by the manufacturer. They come with a new equipment warranty of 6 months. Upgrade kits are also available that will allow you to support both jewel cases and DVD cases with this machine. The unit operates at 40 ppm

Little David CF307 Carton Forming Machine  

Little David Carton forming machine, Model CF307, S/N 20037130T.  Forms boxes and applies tape to one side of box.  Unit was taken off-line running very well.  Unit is in Good to Very Good condition and comes with all cables, manuals, etc.

BestPack ELVS11 Carton Forming Machine  

BestPack Carton forming machine, Model ELVS11-2, S/N 04C058.  Forms boxes and applies tape to one side of box.  Unit was taken off-line running very well.  Unit is in Good to Very Good condition and comes with all cables, manuals, etc.

Conflex CW-160 Plastic Wrapper and Sealer  

Conflex plastic wrapper and sealer,  Model CW 160, S/N 09811-99.  Wraps product in plastic and seals plastic.  Unit was taken off-line running very well.  Unit is in Good to Very Good condition and comes with all cables, manuals, etc.

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