Today’s requirements for protecting sensitive data have never been more rigid.  Whether it is personal medical information, personal information, personal or business financial information, company confidential information, legal information or public safety information, it’s critical all data is completely erased before discarding or recycling video tapes, data tapes, hard drives, computers or any magnetic media. Strict Local, State and Federal legislation has been implemented to protect the information of consumers, employees and businesses when disposing of IT equipment.  It is common today to here about instances of private or confidential data being found on IT equipment that has been  returned, donated, sold or disposed of.  Degaussing will permanently erase the information from hard drives and data tape in seconds, preventing the unauthorized retrieval of data.  Degaussing will also permanently erase the data from non-functioning hard drives and data tape allowing the media to be safely returned to the manufacturer or to be disposed of.  Utilizing one of our degaussers will guarantee your information is protected, and your data is safely and completely erased.

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V92 Digi Tapemaster Compact High-Energy Degausser $1,989          

The V92 Digi Tapemaster is probably the most compact, high-energy eraser available for users who require a highly efficient, non-continuous, low volume degausser. Capable of erasing all high-energy magnetic media, oxide or metal based, the V92 Digi Tapemaster is suitable for almost all applications for magnetic media users.

Product Brochure: V92

V91 LTO/DLT Bulk LTO/DLT Eraser $2,995         

The V91HD/DLT is a special unit for erasing low capacity hard drives, LTO & DLT tapes but also suitable for Audio, DAT, VHS and S-VHS, VHS Digital, 4&8mm, Beta SP/digital, video cassettes, floppy disks. Computer cartridges: DC, TK 50/70/85, DLT 3489/3490/3590, 4 & 8mm.

Product Brochure: V91

SV91M High Energy Security Degausser $2,995            

If you require erasing a range of magnetic media including high-density metal tapes and cassettes, then the Verity Systems SV91M is up to the job. The SV91M is quick too, taking as little as ten seconds to completely erase a cassette. Its simple to use and its compact table top operation provides a thoroughly effective and low cost means of degaussing Betacam SP, D2, Mll, DAT, 8mm and other high coercivity tapes.

Product Brochure: SV91M

V91 MAX Hard Drive Degausser & Tape Eraser $2,995           

The V91 MAX is a second generation, high energy, degausser especially designed for the complete erasure of today’s high coercivity hard drives and tapes. With an effective, field strength of up to 7,000 gauss, the V91MAX is capable of erasing hard disk drives with high density coercivity levels used in drives with up to 500Gb of storage.

Product Brochure: V91MAX

V660 Hard Drive Degausser & Tape Eraser    $3,195          

The V660 HDD Evo is a high energy, degausser especially designed to eliminate all data from computer, laptop and server hard drives. The V660 will also erase data from high coercivity tape, including LTO, DLT, Super DLT, AIT and more.  Hard drives are completely erased in just 20 seconds, making it the fastest hard drive degausser available.

Product Brochure:  V660

V870 4mm & 8mm Tape Eraser $3,140          

The V870 is a desktop, conveyor-operated degausser and is suitable for Audio, DAT, VHS and S-VHS, 4&8mm, video cassettes and computer cartridges: DC, TK 50/70, 3489/3490, 4&8mm. The V870 has a limited duty cycle.

Product Brochure: V870

V880 Metal Tape Eraser $5,999          

The V880 is conveyor operated and suitable for Audio, DAT, VHS and S-VHS, VHS digital, 4&8mm, Beta SP/digital, video cassettes, Computer cartridges: DC, TK 50/70/85, DLT 3489/3490/3590, 4&8mm. It has a limited duty cycle and optional belt cover.

Product Brochure: V880

DataGauss Hard Drive and Backup Tape Degausser $3,845

The DataGuass is the most powerful, compact and continuous duty degausser for Hard Drive and Backup Tapes in the Verity Systems family.  It uses state-of-the-art pulse discharge technology to achieve a complete secure erasure. The DataGauss generates a magnetic field of 9000 gauss on a standard 120V 60Hz, 5 Amp circuit.

Product Brochure: DataGauss

DATAGONE HDD and Backup Tape Degausser $8,499             

A Single Pass, fully automatic, 110V degausser for 3.5”, 2.5” and 1/8” Longitudinal & Perpendicular Hard Drives and Backup Tapes including LTO, DLT, 8mm and many more.  The DATAGONE generates a powerful 10,000 gauss magnetic field and in less than a second completely erases all data from Hard Drives and Backup Tapes.  It’s simple one pass, fully automatic operation (8 sec cycle time typical) makes it ideal for businesses where data security is of the utmost importance.

 Product Brochure:  DATAGONE
 V6000 HDD MAX Automated Hard Drive Degausser $11,950        

The V6000 HDD Max, is a state-of-the-art, one pass conveyor degausser designed for the volume erasure of hard drives. The specially designed high intensity coils ensure complete erasure of hard drives in large quantities, perfect for IT, logistic and security providers.  Although in most cases this will render the hard drive inoperative, the cost of a replacement hard drive cannot be compared to the cost to a company if sensitive information can be read by a third party.

Product Brochure: V6000

SDD-Master, Hard Drive Degausser $24,960        

The NSA approved SDD-Master is a high energy, pulse discharge hard drive eraser designed to offer complete and secure erasure of magnetic media, to the highest level, including perpendicular recording hard drives. The SDD-Master is also capable of erasing data storage media including DLT, LTO, 8mm, DDS and more. The SDD-Master generates the strongest erasure field of any degausser on the market. Where security is of the utmost importance, users can quickly sanitize their media without the need for disassembly.

Product Brochure: SDD-Master

SV5000HD High Energy Security Conveyor Degausser $9,899          

For volume erasure of high-density metal tapes and cassettes, the SV5000's performance will satisfy the requirements. Automatically controlled by an electric eye, the reels, disks or cassettes are placed on the wide conveyor belt where they are transported through the 4000 Gauss field. Up to five thousand diskettes or five hundred VHS cassettes can be erased per hour.

Product Brochure: SV5000HD

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